TV classes

Remote pointing to TVTVWEB classes incorporate video content with an online component into the weekly lessons. Traditional on-campus exams, labs and/or orientation may be a required part of the class. Communication methods may include email, telephone, mail, online discussion groups, and/or personal conferences on campus.

Getting Started

Start by reading the comprehensive TVWEB student information guide.

Viewing Options

Instructors provide a course syllabus at the beginning of the term, including video viewing instructions. Students have several choices on how to view their video lessons.

PCC Bookstores carry most of the TV course video titles on DVD for sale and resale. Contact the PCC bookstore for availability.
Streaming Video
Most TVWEB course videos are available in streaming video format through the course. A broadband internet connection is recommended for best results.
Cable Channel 27
Students within the Portland TV viewing area have the ability to view or record video lessons on Comcast channel 27 during specified times. Channel 27 viewing is limited to the greater Portland Metro area. If using this viewing option, check your Comcast cable channel 27 to make sure it is the PCC channel before registering for a TVWEB class.

PCC Libraries
The PCC library houses all TVWEB series at the reference desk to be viewed on site. Videos cannot be taken off the premises.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which video viewing options are best for me?
Everyone has different preferences on viewing their video lessons. Most students enjoy the flexibility of either renting the videos or subscribing to the video streaming. This way they can watch the videos at any time, as opposed to tuning in to Cable TV at a certain time.
What is the difference between a TVWEB course and a WEB course?
In a TVWEB course, a secure online course shell is provided for students to log in and complete coursework, which requires Internet access to complete the course. Videos make up a majority of course content – either via the online course or via cable TV. There isn’t a major difference, however, than that the TV content is available on Cable TV. See WEB courses for more information and computer requirements.
Do you still offer TV-only courses?
No. All TVWEB courses require access to a computer and an online component.
Do I have to come to campus?
Some instructors require an on-campus orientation. Others make the orientation optional or provide an online orientation. For orientation information, check the schedule listing for your course.
On-campus labs and/or proctored exams may also be required for completing certain distance classes. If transportation or distance to the scheduled exam sessions is an obstacle for you, special arrangements may be made with the instructor.
Why is my class not showing on my TV during the specified times?
You may be outside of the PCC viewing area. Channel 27 on Comcast extends to most of Portland and certain areas of Beaverton. It does not extend to Hillsboro, Vancouver, West Linn, or Gresham. Check your TV before registering for a TV class or use one of the other viewing options available.