Interactive Video Classroom (IVC)

PCC is a leader in the use of high quality interactive video and audio conferencing systems. IVC courses use this videoconferencing technology to connect classrooms at all four PCC campuses. Students are able to choose the location most convenient for them. Instructors and students interact in a live video conference at scheduled times and locations. Students see their instructor on a large screen in the Interactive Video Classroom (IVC) and use push-to-talk microphones to immediately communicate with participants at the other sites. Multiple sites can collaborate on documents and participate in discussions and activities together, in real time, just as if they are all together in the same classroom.

Successful students are self-directed and like the autonomy provided by an IVC class, but they also appreciate having an instructor immediately available for help if needed. A brief orientation explaining the features of each IVC class is given on the first day. In this orientation students are given all the information they need to successfully take a class.

Available sites are listed for each class in the class schedule. Students must contact the instructor if unable to attend the first class. Students may be dropped from the class if they do not attend on the first day.
ITV Calsses

Advantages of IVC

IVC classes are accessible, flexible, and allow students to have instant contact with instructors. There are many more reasons to choose IVC classes:

IVC classes are offered at each of PCC’s four main campus locations. You can take an IVC class at any of the campus locations offering it and still be able to see, hear, and talk to your instructor.
IVC is a live, state of the art, multi-site, videoconferencing system connecting you to your instructor and to students taking the same class at other IVC sites. You meet at the same time, just as you would in a regular classroom.
IVC students are able to talk to the instructor, ask questions during lectures, and participate in live class discussions and activities. Large video monitors, cameras, microphones and electronic whiteboards in every classroom allow immediate interaction and allow all participants to share data and collaborate on the same projects.
Monitored Progress and Attendance:
Because IVC classes are live, attendance is required. Instructors take roll during class and give immediate feedback to questions or comments. Attendance and participation are important aspects of success. IVC classes require and foster discipline in these areas.
Hectic schedules and traffic congestion frequently make attending a class difficult. IVC classes are offered at multiple locations and students are generally welcome to attend class at any of the available sites as long as advance notice is given to the instructor.
Variety of Learning Styles:
IVC classes use a variety of teaching and learning styles. Lectures, reading, discussions, and group activities enable students with diverse needs to develop the knowledge and skills needed to master most subjects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take IVC classes?
Anyone can take an IVC class. You don’t need any special skills or equipment. However, you must be able to attend scheduled classes at one of the IVC sites.
Where do I take an IVC class?
Specially equipped IVC classrooms are located at each of the PCC campuses. You can take an IVC class at the site most convenient for you. Specific sites for each class are listed in the PCC schedule.
PCC’s IVC system can connect with compatible interactive systems throughout Oregon. The department offering the IVC class determines locations. For more information about IVC statewide locations contact the IVC Coordinator.
How do students use the IVC technology?
Each IVC facility is user friendly. Technical operations are controlled from a central location at the Sylvania campus. Students push a button on a desktop microphone to speak to their instructor and classmates. The instructor has constant live visuals of every site and students can see the instructor, other students, electronic whiteboard notes, graphics, videos and other selected images on a large screen in their classroom.
Specific instructions are available in every IVC classroom and an orientation is given at the beginning of each term. A direct telephone line is available for immediate technical questions or assistance.
What if the students need help at the IVC site?
Students are given contact information and troubleshooting instructions on the first day of class. A direct telephone line is available during class for immediate questions or assistance. Site support is available and scheduled according to class needs.
Where can I find contact information?
An IVC Directory is posted in every IVC classroom. This directory provides contact information for instructors, site support, and IVC classroom telephone and FAX numbers.
How do I take the orientation for my IVC class?
On the first day of class, students are given a short orientation to IVC. This includes training students to use the system, how to send and receive course materials, and what to do if a problem occurs.
How do I get the class handouts and other materials?
Course materials are delivered to IVC sites either electronically or through the PCC inter-campus mail department. During orientation, students are given specific directions where to pick up incoming and drop off outgoing mail. Fax machines are also available at all locations.
How do I turn in my homework or other assignments?
Each site has established a system for students to send materials to their instructor through the PCC inter-campus mail or online. This information is given out during the orientation on the first day of class.
Are there services for students with disabilities?
Visit the disability services page for information on available accommodations.
What about tests and finals?
At the beginning of each term, students are given specific testing information and contact people for each campus. Testing support varies at the different locations.
What if there are technical difficulties at my IVC site?
Classes are recorded in case of technical difficulties at any of the IVC sites. A link to these recordings will be provided to students by their instructors. Since these are “live,” interactive classes, students are expected to attend class, not view the recordings. Special arrangements must be made to save recordings longer than the current term. Contact the IVC Coordinator for more information or assistance.
How do I get help with questions about my course materials or requirements?
For questions pertaining to specific course materials or curriculum requirements, contact the instructor or the department offering the course. For example, if you want to know if it is okay to use your calculator in a math class, contact your instructor or the Math Department.