Training for online instructors

Distance training iconOnline instructors have a variety of training opportunities available, including structured topical training sessions and one-on-one sessions with an Instructional Technology Specialist. You can also meet one-on-one with an IS Consultant to discuss your specific needs and how various instructional technology tools could help. Feel free to contact Greg Kaminski or Peter Seaman to arrange an appointment in your office.

NEW – We are revamping our Online Instructor Orientation!

Fundamentals of Online Teaching (FoOT)

During Spring, 2015, a new training opportunity, the FoOT will debut. FoOT is designed to allow instructors to test the waters of online learning, try out the online mode in a supported environment, and assess his/her fitness and readiness for teaching online. Learn more about the FoOT.

Flexible Online Instructor Orientation (Flex-OIO)

Flex-OIO is a five module, mostly online, professional development opportunity intended to introduce instructors to online course design and teaching at PCC. Learn more about the Flex-OIO.

Together, the FoOT and Flex-OIO prepare new online instructors for their first online practice.

Guiding principles

  • Teaching online is different than teaching face-to-face, and success requires using many technical and design skills that are not needed in the traditional classroom.
  • PCC believes all online instructors should receive an orientation to online teaching that is current, comprehensive, and high quality. Training is required of all new online instructors.


The revamped Online Instructor Orientation (now called FoOT/Flex-OIO) is available by invitation from a dean or department chair. Deans and chairs coordinate enrollment in training sessions for instructors new to online teaching. Those interested in teaching online should start a discussion with their department chair or dean. As appropriate, a dean or chair will initiate the process by submitting either a FoOT enrollment request or a course request. For more information, contact Dennis Hitchcox or Peter Seaman.

Online accessibility trainings

Document accessibility and video captioning trainings will help you make your online content accessible.  (Contact Karen Sorensen for more information.)

Other opportunities

Our staff also offer a variety of other trainings and workshops that are available to both online and face-to-face faculty.