Instructional best practices

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Distance instructional iconOur staff and faculty are involved in a number of professional organizations and are constantly learning about new ways to improve online courses. These instructional best practices are great ways for you to improve assessment in your online course, connect with other faculty, and design interesting and engaging courses.


Get to know your faculty mentor
Connect with these experienced online faculty for great ideas specific to your discipline.
Discover quality course design
Learn what we expect when reviewing a new online course.
Identify library resources
Don’t reinvent the wheel. Your faculty librarians have a wealth of resources tailored for your course.
Discover strategies for teaching online
Online courses are more than just content. These strategies will help your online students.
Enhance your course with media
Media can improve your course, support your learning objectives, and add your personal voice.
Discover professional organizations
Connect with professional organizations that are focused on online learning.
Improve your course management skills
These tips can help you foster an active course without spending too much time online.
Engage your students
Engaged students are more likely to meet course outcomes.
Evaluate your course for cheating opportunities
Look at some factors that may make it easier to cheat in your course.

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