New online course development proposals

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Requests for new online course development are being accepted for Fall 2014 and beyond

The Deans of Instruction and Distance Education identified the following priorities for new online course development:

  • Development of new online degrees and certificates
  • Development that fills gaps to complete online degrees and certificates such as the AAOT, ASOT Business, AGS, and CTE degrees and certificates where significant course work is already offered online
  • Development of new online source or SAC shells, specifically those developed through a collaborative process with instructors, Distance Education staff, and faculty mentors
  • Development of specialized courses where unique needs exist for online delivery

Faculty members new to teaching online at PCC are required to complete training in order to teach or develop online courses.

Round 2
1st Teach Term:
FA 14*, WI 15, SP 15
Round 3
1st Teach Term:
SP 15
1. Request period opens Apr 25, 2014 Aug 25, 2014
2. Request period closes May 16, 2014 Sep 19, 2014
3. Final decisions May 30, 2014 Oct 3, 2014
4. Online Instructor Orientation (OIO) Jul 14 - Aug 22, 2014 Oct 13 – Nov 21, 2014

*Instructors for development proposals for Fall 2014 must have already completed training (OIO).

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