New Online Course Development

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A new online course is defined as a course that does not currently exist in an online format at PCC.  If the course is already offered online at PCC, it is not new, and most likely falls in the category of a Duplicate development or a Revision.

The Deans of Instruction and Distance Education identified the following priorities for new online course development:

  • Development of new online degrees and certificates
  • Development that fills gaps to complete online degrees and certificates such as the AAOT, ASOT Business, AGS, and CTE degrees and certificates where significant course work is already offered online
  • Development of new shareable online courses or SAC shells, specifically those developed through a collaborative process with instructors, Distance Education staff, and faculty mentors
  • Development of specialized courses where unique needs exist for online delivery

Faculty members new to teaching online at PCC are required to complete training (Online Instructor Orientation), in order to teach or develop online courses.


Each new online course development follows a timeline for completion. The timelines align with faculty training opportunities and with the start of academic terms. Please visit the Important Dates and Timelines for Distance Education page for the 2015-16 development timelines. Instructors being considered for online course development must complete training (OIO).


Updated compensation options are provided on the request form.  In the absence of a specific written agreement, all courses may be shared with others at PCC. All courses are developed under a letter of agreement and include a course review for design and accessibility.

Option 1 – Fully-funded Development

Full stipend =  # of credits  x  current development rate

Option 2 – Unfunded Development

No stipend – at the option of the developer

Option 3 – Partially funded Development

Funded at either 25 or 50%, at the request of the developer or department, based on use of existing online materials. Examples include the use of publisher materials, open educational resources, conversion from hybrid to online class, licensed content.

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New Online Course Development

Links to forms will be only available during the request period. Contact Steve Beining for requests outside of this period.