Shareable Online Courses (SOC) and Takeover Course Assignments

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Shareable Online Courses are used at PCC when divisions or a SAC determine there is a need to assign an instructor to teach an online course he or she has not previously taught before.  This occurs most often with high enrollment courses where multiple sections are offered.

For a narrated presentation of important information about shareable online courses, please click on the Sharable Online Courses video.

Shareable Online Course (SOC) – a well-designed and accessible course that is copied and shared with other instructors to use the first time they teach a course.

A Takeover Course Assignment  – This arises when an instructor is assigned to teach a section of a course that he/she has never taught before and is provided with a copy of an existing SOC.

Guiding Principles

  • Support high quality teaching and learning experiences for instructors and students.
  • Provide as much flexibility for departments as possible. An approved course with an experienced online instructor can be assigned in no less then six weeks prior to the first teaching term.
  • Instructors are given adequate time to complete training, for learning how the SOC is designed, and for adapting the course before teaching begins.
  • Only approved SOCs are provided to instructors for Takeover Course Assignments.  PCC Online Faculty Mentors and Distance Education Accessibility staff recommends, and the Division Dean approves, the SOC before it is shared with the instructor.
  • Requests can be made to copy and share an unapproved course for a takeover assignment. In such cases, a person familiar with the course is named by the requestor to assist with updates, reviews, and revision activities. Development activities need to be completed within two terms.

Course Review Status

It is critical for the division to examine their existing online courses prior to making this kind of an assignment.  Many past assignments were made without a clear understanding of what online course would be shared.  There are four categories for courses; approved, recently reviewed, in-progress, and un-reviewed courses.  Recently reviewed and un-reviewed courses will most likely need updates before they can be shared.  Courses needing updates require more lead-time than approved courses.

  1. Approved Course = New Development reviewed during or after Spring 2012, Revisions reviewed during or after Spring 2013 (based on when accessibility reviews began)
    • Can be shared with trained or experienced online instructors with six weeks lead time
    • Can be shared with new online instructors with one term lead time
  2. Recently Reviewed Course = Reviewed between Fall 2011 and Winter 2012
    • QM Reviewed for Quality Matters course design, but not reviewed for accessibility
    • Preliminary Review will be conducted and a work plan leading to approval needs to be developed
    • Must be requested 1 term prior to the first teaching term
    • A designated instructor must be assigned to make course updates.
  3. Course Awaiting Review  = In development. This is a course that was approved for development or revision, but the work is not yet complete.
  4. Un-reviewed Course = No record of a review or reviewed prior to Fall 2011
    • Must be requested 2 terms prior to the first teaching term
    • A designated instructor must be assigned to make course updates.

Instructor Preparation Status

All instructors teaching online must have either been teaching online prior to 2008 or have completed the Online Instructor Orientation (OIO).

New Online Instructor = An instructor who has never taught online at PCC and needs to complete the OIO; OIO is offered once per term and takes 6 weeks to complete

Trained or Experienced Online Instructor = An instructor who has completed PCC’s Online instructor Orientation training or who has been teaching online since prior to 2008.

Proposals for takeover assignments are being accepted for winter and spring 2015

Request Round
Open from Sep. 2-26, 2014
1st Teach Term as shown
Another Request Period will
be offered in winter term:
Dates TBD
1. Approved courses Winter or Spring 2014 Spring 2014
2. Recently reviewed courses Winter or Spring 2014 Spring 2014
3. Un-reviewed courses Spring 2014 only n/a
Training Dates
Online Instructor Orientation (OIO)
Fall Term
Oct 13 – Nov 21, 201
Winter Term
Jan 26 – Mar 6, 2015

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