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Pause of online course takeover assignments in effect for Summer 2014

We will accept, directly from Division Deans and Department Chairs, requests for exceptions to the takeover pause and approve them on a case-by-case basis. Summer Term Takeover Exception Requests are due no later than April 4th.

Proposals for takeover assignments are being accepted for Fall 2014 and beyond

Division Deans and Department Chairs may request online course takeover assignments.

Note: During the first round of proposals for takeovers, we are only accepting requests for Fall 2014. This will allow us to refine the process for future terms and does not expect departments to plan further out for takeover scheduling assignments at this time.

The strategy for streamlining the sharing of online courses among faculty and campuses involves developing a repository of reviewed and approved courses and shells for takeover assignments.

New procedures for takeovers require:

  1. Source shells must be designated, reviewed, and accessible before source shells are shared with new instructors. Once the requests are confirmed, we will engage with Division Deans and Department Chairs to establish designated sources shells and any updates that need to be made to meet course review and accessibility guidelines.
  2. It is our goal to have one or two designated course shells that departments assign for takeover assignments. This streamlines the process for departments and provides a clearer path for new faculty receiving copies of these shells.
    • Designated is defined as reviewed, accessible, and selected by the department and/or SAC as the source shells to be copied for faculty assigned a takeover section.
    • A source shell is the D2L shell that is copied for a new instructor.
  3. New online faculty complete the required training.
  4. For Spring 2014 and Summer 2014 training, new faculty members participate in the OIO takeover training. An updated format for training is anticipated to begin Fall 2014. Departments submit information for new faculty assigned to prepare takeover sections. This training is only for faculty assigned to teach fully online training. Other Desire2Learn training is available for hybrid or campus instructors.
Round 2
1st Teach Term:
FA 14,
WI 15, SP 15
Round 3
1st Teach Term:
WI 15, SP 15
1. Request period opens Apr 25, 2014 Aug 25, 2014
2. Request period closes May 16, 2014 Sep 19, 2014
3. Final decisions May 30, 2014 Oct 3, 2014
4. Online Instructor Orientation (OIO) Jul 14 - Aug 22, 2014 Oct 13 – Nov 21, 2014

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