Online Development Information

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Please be aware that procedures have been updated. Enhancements to the process were made based on feedback from faculty members, Department Chairs, Division Deans, and Deans of Instruction.

Guiding Principles

  • Procedures are designed to help ensure and support high quality course development and as much flexibility for departments as possible
  • All courses adhere to the Quality Matters course design and PCC accessibility guidelines
  • Faculty members are given adequate time to complete training and time for development and course reviews to occur
  • PCC Online Faculty Mentors and Distance Education Accessibility staff review all new and revised courses upon completion of development
  • Only approved Shareable Online Courses (SOC) are provided to instructors for Takeover Course Assignments

Shareable Online Courses and Takeovers

Courses that are reviewed for quality and accessibility, and that are approved by a Division Dean, can be copied and shared with other instructors. To request a takeover of an approved shell, or for more information, please review the Shareable Online Courses page.


We are using a more coordinated approach to planning for online courses by collecting proposals in four rounds during the year. 2015 Request Round 4 opens July 10, 2015 and closes September 30, 2015. Approval Decisions will be made by October 2, 2015. Proposals outside of the scheduled time frames may be submitted by contacting Steve Beining for more information. Please plan ahead, as some developments take more than 1 term to prepare. The following table provides recommended time frames for each type of development.

Development circumstances
Minimum time needed for development
 Instructor/Developer Training (Online Instructor Orientation) Allow 1 term if instructor needs to attend OIO
 New Development or Duplicate Development Allow 2 terms prior to teach term, plus 1 additional term if instructor needs to attend OIO
Approved Course for Takeover Allow 6 weeks prior to start of teach term (includes non-contract time,) plus 1 additional term if instructor needs to attend OIO
Course Revisions Allow 1 term (must meet course review timelines) plus 1 additional term if instructor needs to attend OIO

Online Course Development Options

Only Division Deans or Department Chairs with approval of Division Deans may submit requests for new online course developments, revisions, duplicates, or sharable online course takeover assignments.

Link to more info
Type of development or assignment
New Development New Development– development of a fully online course that does not currently exist in an online format at PCC
Duplicate Development Duplicate Development – development of a fully online course that is already offered. A Duplicate development does not include instructor compensation, but does require a course review and Dean approval.
Course Revision Course Revisions – content revisions to a fully online course that warrant compensation due to significant amounts of work on changes and updates as approved by the Division Dean.
Shareable Online Course Take Over Requests Shareable Online Course (SOC)/Takeover Assignment – a course approved through course design and accessibility reviews that is copied and shared with other instructors for a Takeover Course Assignment (a full course nearly ready to be taught).

How will decisions be made and communicated?

Following the closing of each request Round, the Distance Education Department shares a complete list with the Deans of Instruction and Division Deans. Deans will discuss the proposals and seek any additional information that may be needed. The Distance Education Department then meets with the Deans of Instruction and Academic Affairs to determine which proposals can be funded. Decisions are communicated through the Division Deans. There may be unique situations that have to be addressed on a case-by-case basis if all requests are not able to be funded.