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Parking, Mafia humor and your online class Parking, Mafia humor and your online class
I’d like to use an issue that erupted a brouhaha on the Sylvania campus group mail over the past week to talk about an easy and powerful way you can improve your online class. If you don’t subscribe to the Sylvania email group, you might be unaware that there has been a lively interaction between […] Posted February 17, 2014
Using a syllabus quiz to reinforce course expectations
Use a syllabus quiz to reinforce understanding of course expectations. Posted February 10, 2014
The Desire2Learn Community The Desire2Learn Community
Connect with a community of other Desire2Learn using faculty, designers, and support staff. Posted February 3, 2014
Results from the spring 2013 DL student survey
See results from the Spring 2013 DL Student Survey. Posted January 29, 2014
Accessibility Handbooks Available! Accessibility Handbooks Available!
Get a handy guide for making accessible content for your online course. Posted January 28, 2014
Get paid to create video for your distance learning course! Get paid to create video for your distance learning course!
Congratulations to the Fall 2013 participants of Video Camp!  Check out their wonderful productions: Roger Anunsen, Gerontology “The Aging Mind” Playlist Tatiana Snyder, Psychology “What is a Sports Psychologist?“  Do you want to create beautiful and engaging media like this for your online course? Read on!  Applications due to Monica Marlo by 5pm on Tuesday, […] Posted January 21, 2014
Interquest: Stand-Out Practices in Course Design
Taking a glance at the best practices work of one of our colleagues at Oregon State who’s philosophy class, “Interquest” won Blackboard’s 2013 Catalyst award for exemplary course. Posted January 13, 2014
The second Subject Area Accessibility Study starts today!
The second Subject Area Accessibility Study starts today! We have 3 faculty investigating the best ways to make graphical interfaces and visual information in online courses accessible. Susan Watson from Computer Applications Gayathri Iyer from Computer Science Marc Goodman from Computer Information Systems The study is supported by Instructional Support/Distance Learning, Disability Services and the […] Posted January 7, 2014
picture of a student raising hand Engaging student activity at the beginning of term for your online class
3 easy ways to confirm that your students have checked in and participating in the class activities on the first weeks of the class. Posted December 16, 2013
people talking Why are my online discussions so boring? 4
Why is it so much harder to facilitate a satisfying discussion online? Posted December 9, 2013