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Steve Beining

Contact info: steve.beining@pcc.edu

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Steve Beining

Career Educator with 20+ years experience in K-12 and Higher Education. I'm an early adopter and have used computers during my entire career and the web starting in 1995.

Articles (3):

Introducing a guide for new and experienced online instructors
Check out the new What Works Well in Teaching Online at PCC booklet that was created by the Distance Learning Advisory Council with feedback from faculty and staff. Posted September 28, 2015
What do you think about online course materials sharing? What do you think about online course materials sharing? 1
Steve looks at the merits and demerits of course sharing to kick off a conversation with the larger college. Posted February 9, 2015
A drawing of a chalkboard with the words best practices written on it with cursive script Best Practice? A BEST way to teaching something to everyone? 3
Reflection on the phrase "Best Practice" and how it relates to good practice, smart practice, continuous improvement, and the role of our department and this blog. Posted April 9, 2014