Are students exceeding your Quiz time limit and submitting late?

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Chances are that you may not fully understand how D2L allows you to control your quiz timing restrictions. One would think that when you enter your time limit, say 30 minutes, and check the box “enforced” and have a grace period of 1 minute, the minimum, that you are done. At 31 minutes, the time will be enforced and the student will be forced to submit their attempt. WRONG, you’re not done yet! It’s on the next section, on the restrictions tab where you find Late Submissions, which controls how you want submissions to be treated when the time expires.

A late quiz attempt

There are 3 options

    1. The default is to Allow normal submission. And it does just that; it allows students to exceed your time limit indefinitely. You will see red text that indicates just how far past your desired limit any student went. The only way to determine which questions were answered after your intended time limit is to review the individual submission:
      • Click on Quizzes
      • Click on Grade in the action menu for the quiz
      • Click on the students attempt link
      • Click on Quizzes Event Log.
      • This will allow you to determine which questions were answered after the time expired. You can then adjust their score accordingly.
      • What a hassle.
    2. The second option is Use late limit of _____ minutes.  Students will be able to submit their quiz regardless of your set time limit. If the quiz is submitted after the Time Limit plus the Late Limit time expires, students  receive a score of zero on the quiz. You can manually grade the quiz if you feel that a student deserves more than zero. The Late Limit restriction only applies if the enforced check box is selected. That’s also a hassle.
    3. The last option is the one to select in order to control the time limit you set, Auto-Submit Attempt. After the time limit and grace period expire, the quiz does not complete any action that students try to perform. They are prompted to submit their quiz attempt. If users take no action, the quiz shows the attempt as ‘attempt in progress’ in the quiz grading area. To enable auto-submission you must also select “enforced”.
      Thumbs up to Auto-Submit Attempt

So, as you can see, the best way to enforce your intended time limit is to choose Auto-Submit Attempt when you set up your restrictions on any quiz.


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x by Peter Seaman 1 year ago

Thanks, Jim, for this timely clarification. D2L has once again shown the danger of using a word like “normal” to describe any action online. I had always thought “normal” was just like in class, where the instructor says “Time’s up! Pencils down!” and then collects the quizzes (any answers left blank get no credit). In my world, “normal” submission would not allow a student to work on a quiz indefinitely! Thanks again. – Peter

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