Looking for subject area media? Search Twitter for #YouTube

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By David Ferreira [CC-BY-SA-3.0]

Our Instructional Best Practices page on enhancing your course with media covers many reasons why it’s important to include media in your course, but sometimes it can be a challenge to find subject area specific content. Today’s post is a very brief tip that can help – you can use a hashtag search on Twitter to find subject area specific content.

Do a hashtag search on Twitter

  1. Start a Twitter account and log in. You’ll need a Twitter account to do this search, but you won’t ever need to post on Twitter, you just need to access the service.
  2. Use the Search box in the upper right hand corner of the Twitter interface to search for #YouTube, and add a second hashtag for your specific subject area term, such as #economics or #biology.image of Twitter search box
  3. Review the results list for content posted on YouTube specific to your subject area.

In doing this search for #YouTube and #Biology for example, I found this tweet:

Tweet of biology video list

Which led me to this list of excellent content possibilities, pre-vetted by a fellow educator willing to publicly post them.

Snapshot of Twitter hashtag list search results


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x by Carolina Selva 9 months ago

This is awesome! Monica – I heard you casually chatting about this at a Blackboard conference once. This post makes it so easy to understand exactly how to find content! I guess it’s the vetting that will be a bit more time-consuming…

x by Andy Freed 9 months ago

Has finding and using quality media ever been so easy? This is great Monica, and it’s yet another reason to get a Twitter account.

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