Interquest: Stand-Out Practices in Course Design

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This week we’re taking a glance at the best practices work of one of our colleagues at Oregon State University. John Dorbolo’s philosophy class “Interquest” won Blackboard’s 2013 Catalyst award for exemplary course. In this brief video, John presents three strategies he’s successfully used in his course:

 1. Learning object design: text and media are transformed into learning objects:

  • review instructions
  • read study guides
  • participate in assessment activities

 “Using a guide and assessments with media to lead people to critically analyze the media, and not just consume it”

2. Self-Assessment Strategy: Multiple choice and objective items in the exams become a self-assessment engine:

  • ace the quiz
  • unlock all the answers
  • review for final exam

 Using assessment to produce a continual iteration of cyclical reflection.

 3. Active Learning Strategy- learners around the world stimulate one another via immersive dialogues and real-world meetings

  • practice self awareness
  • confront color/race
  • dialogue with others

“It’s really important that they use and do something with what they think.”

 We encourage  you to try these proven strategies in your own online course, and are here to help you with any part of the process- just contact a member of the course design support team for more information

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