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Using media to improve your online course is an instructional best practice we highly encourage. We’ve listed some ways you can do this on our distance learning faculty support website’s ‘Enhance Your Course With Media’ section. After looking at this list you might have a great idea that you’re burning to produce, or maybe when you see this list you’ll be thinking “yeah, I know I should be using media in my course, but I don’t really know what to do, or how to do it.”  If you find yourself in either situation (or anywhere on the continuum in between) we can help, offering support, resources and a stipend to help you get your course enhancements produced.

Apply for Video Camp! We keep the process simple for you- just write us an idea of what you would like to do, or an objective in your course you think might benefit from the addition of media in two pages or less, and if your project is chosen for Media Camp, we’ll support you through every step. Proposals are due Monday, October 14th at 5PM to Monica Marlo. We will be announcing awarded project plans on Friday, October 18th.

Learn more and submit a proposal.

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Multimedia Ed-Tech one up for PCC faculty. Immedgineer- Immersive Education Engineer. Multi-disciplinary, a blended use of analog and digital interactive storytelling tools to immerse a learner toward measurable objectives. (eg: 3D virtual ... more »

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