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Why apply the new D2L 10.1 look?
Update your course to use the new navbar and homepage layouts to improve consistency for students. Posted October 28, 2013
Help students monitor progress using Completion Tracking in Desire2Learn
One key to being a successful online student is the ability to be self-motivated. The asynchronous nature of distance learning means students can miss the kinds of cues that would help keep them on track in a face to face class, such as showing up to a class and having to physically turn an assignment […] Posted October 21, 2013
Sharing course materials with students
Research shows that getting your students to engage with your course materials can improve their outcomes and completion, and the good news is it’s pretty easy to find incredible content that’s easy to include in your D2L course out on the web with a simple Google search. Providing real life context and opportunities to attach […] Posted October 14, 2013
Videographer Get paid to create video for your distance learning course!
Using media to improve your online course is an instructional best practice we highly encourage. We’ve listed some ways you can do this on our distance learning faculty support website’s ‘Enhance Your Course With Media’ section. After looking at this list you might have a great idea that you’re burning to produce, or maybe when […] Posted October 7, 2013