Getting ready for Fall term? Things look a little funny?

Posted September 16, 2013 by

Maybe you forgot about the Summer upgrade of Desire2Learn.  That’s the reason your class(es) look different.  To begin getting used to the new look, watch the side-by-side comparison videos.  (recommended)

Other helpful How-To videos:

  • If you have always used the default Homepage and Navbar, Rest easy, they should have upgraded nicely.
  • The new version uses a two column layout for the Course Home.  If you created and used a custom homepage in the past, with 3 columns, here’s how to change your custom homepage.
  • If you created and used a custom navbar, here’s how to change your navbar.  Along with  the navbar, our new “theme” will be applied.  Two for one!
  • Demo student has been retired.  You now need to use the  role switch widget located on your course homepage.

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