Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Women's soccer team posing as group on field

FRONT (L-R): Jordan Thomas, Kirsten Loewer, Kari Bloodsaw, Tia Miller, Araceli Murcio Sanchez, Alex Bibo, Isabella Hernandez, Jazmin Rosalez. BACK (L-R): Melissa, Cheyanne Lambert, Haley Lilly, Emily Jones, Mikiala Ramos Kamaka, Megan Owen.

Womens soccer roster

# Name Year Height Position High school Hometown
0 Emily Jones Fr 5-06 GK Hillsboro High School Hillsboro, OR
1 Cheyanne Lambert So 5-07 GK Aloha High School South Salem, NY
3 Jordan Thomas Fr 5-05 F Westview High School Portland, OR
4 Kari Bloodsaw So 5-06 DF Evergreen High School Missoula, MT
5 Kristen Loewer So 5-06 MF Forest Lawn High School Calgary, Canada
6 Gladys Rodriguez Fr 5-07 F Beaverton High School Beaverton, OR
8 Alex Bibo Fr 5-07 MF Sunset High School Portland, OR
9 Haley Lilly Fr 5-09 D Madison High School Portland, OR
10 Isabella Hernandez Fr 5-04 F De La Salle High School Gresham, OR
11 Hristy Prado MF Forest Grove, OR
12 Tia Miller Fr 5-05 DF School of Science and Tech. Beaverton, OR
15 Araceli Murcio Sanchez Fr 5-03 MF Ontario High School Ontario, OR
18 Megan Owen Fr 5-05 MF Tualatin High School Tualatin, OR
19 Trinity Cerna So 5-07 MF Century High School Hillsboro, OR
20 Solange Zihindula So 5-07 F Kigoma High School Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa
23 Briana Cantu Fr 5-04 MF Banks High School Banks, OR
27 Jazmin Rosales Fr 5-04 DF Century High School Hillsboro, OR
28 Mikiala Ramos-Kamaka So 5-08 MF Kamehameha Schools Mililani, HI

Soccer schedule



Head Coach: Bill Patterson (pictured)
Assistant Coach: Mariana Neves

Bill Patterson has been coaching soccer for over 18 years.  His passion for the game was first inspired by watching Pele play in the 1962 World Cup.  Although in his youth, Bill was not offered the opportunity to play organized soccer, he has been a fan of the game throughout his life.

Bill became directly involved with soccer when his two children began playing as five year olds.  Both of Bill’s children turned out to be exceptional players.  They both went on to play ODP and in college.  Bill attended all his children’s practices and was able to observe some of the finest coaches in the world apply their trade.  Simply put, Bill caught the coaching bug and began to pursue a coaching career. 

Bill has coached at many different levels.  Most recently, Bill served eight years as the boys head coach at Astoria High School where he led the Fisherman to six league titles in eight years and eight state playoff appearances before agreeing to jumpstart PCC’s women’s soccer program two years ago.  Although wins were hard to come by the first two years at PCC, the team’s record has improved each year.  Bill is expecting continued improvement this year.  Bill has also coached two adult women’s teams (Seattle Sounders) to the Veteran’s Cup national amateur titles.  His club teams have also been very successful.

As mentioned above, Bill has two children.  Lindsey, his daughter, works as a researcher for a non-profit arm of Portland State University.  Kellen, his son, is a contract accountant for the Veteran’s Administration in Washington DC.  Bill lives with his domestic partner, Anne, in Beaverton Oregon.  In addition to his coaching duties, Bill is a philosophy and computer applications instructor at Portland Community College at the Rock Creek campus.