Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

The candidate profile highlights the challenges and opportunities PCC faces in the years ahead and lists the professional and personal qualities we should seek in the next College President. The Board wishes to thank everyone in our community that engaged in the development of this profile.

This profile was critical to the selection of the PCC College President finalists.

Challenges & Opportunities Facing PCC

The next Portland Community College President will be a leader who has demonstrated success in educational and institutional leadership and accomplishment, and will provide creative and imaginative leadership to:

  • Maintain PCC's excellent budget management tradition while balancing the functions and program mix of a truly comprehensive community college during times of financial uncertainty.
  • Further the development and implementation of the student completion agenda for student success.
  • Continue to be an essential partner in regional economic development in a growing area of the country, while positioning PCC as the leading provider of workforce training in the region.
  • Foster PCC'S unique participative and collaborative culture, which honors the values of diversity, equity and opportunity.
  • Enhance PCC's excellent record of educational, business and community partnerships.
  • Lead the state's largest educational institution through Oregon's aggressive educational reform process.

Professional & Personal Characteristics of the Next PCC President

The next Portland Community College President will:

  • Be a dynamic, successful and highly visible community leader who can articulate and communicate an institutional vision to both internal and external constituents, motivate and support employees in implementing that vision, build external support, and move the institution forward in achieving strategic goals
  • Be a leader skilled at balancing the interests and needs of the various constituencies, a consensus builder who values and respects unique differences; a motivator with a successful track record of participatory decision-making.
  • Be a strongly student centered educational leader with a vision for increasing student success while maintaining (and even increasing) student access.
  • Be a very politically savvy individual with a demonstrated record of successful advocacy with policy makers and educational leaders at local, state and national levels.
  • Be a leader with a demonstrated record in furthering a diverse college environment, a culturally competent faculty and staff, and a record of diverse faculty hiring that reflects student demographics.
  • Have a demonstrated record of successful private fundraising and personal philanthropy with respect to their institution.
  • Position PCC to utilize emerging technology to support the College's mission.