College President Search - Search Committee

Search Advisory Committee Members

The following individuals have volunteered to assist the Board of Directors in the search and selection of the college's next College President:

Denise Frisbee, Co-Chair 
- Chair, PCC Board of Directors
Deanna Palm, Co-Chair
- Vice Chair, PCC Board of Directors
Sara Bentley
- Executive Assistant, Office of the Extended Learning Campus President, PCC
Sam Brooks
- CEO, Brooks Staffing and PCC alum
Esther Forbyn
- Student, Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, Cascade Campus, District Student Council, PCC
Shirlee Geiger 
- Philosophy Faculty and former Chair, Faculty Learning Assessment Council, PCC
Sylvia Gray 
- Faculty, History Faculty, Sylvania Campus, Chair, Educational Advisory Council, PCC
Deborah Hall
- Instructional Administrative Assistant, Extended Learning Campus/CLIMB, President Classified Federation, PCC
Max Macias
- Internet Training Developer, Academic Services, PCC
Sandra McDonough
- President and CEO, Portland Business Alliance
Randy McEwen
- District Vice President, PCC
Chris Neilsen
- PCC Foundation Board Chair and retired owner, Neilsen Manufacturing Inc.
Jaime Rodriguez
- Career Specialist, Extended Learning Campus, PCC
Loraine Schmitt
- Director, Distance Education, PCC
Dick Stenson
- PCC Foundation Vice-Chair and President and CEO, Tuality Healthcare
Michele Torland
- Student, Women’s Resource Center Student Advocate, Cascade Campus, PCC
Michel Viera
- Search Consultant, Community College Search Services
Neal Naigus
- Staff to the search