Faculty Department Chairs

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Faculty Department Chairs provide leadership to faculty and staff in their subject areas. They help administer and coordinate activities assigned by their Division Dean. (Division Deans are listed by campus under Instruction in the Organizational Guide.)

Faculty Department Chairs can also help resolve problems between students and faculty within their department. You can find out which campus a faculty member reports to by looking them up in the staff directory.

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Last Name First Name Campus Subject Areas
Boehnke Amy Cascade ABE/GED, DE, RD & WR (80/90)
Boeschen Charma Cascade Spanish, Chinese
Brask Jerry Cascade Paralegal
Bruneau Carol Cascade Emergency Telecommunicator/911 & Emergency Mgt.
Chatterton Cole Cascade Business Administration
Ehlis Jacqueline Cascade Art
Fitzgerald Beth Cascade Multimedia
Friedrich Ken Cascade Chemistry
Galba-Machuca Debra Cascade Biological Science (co-chair with Troy Jesse)
Gieber Jon Cascade Alcohol & Drug Counseling
Harris Joanne Cascade OMT & Medical Professions
Jesse Troy Cascade Biological Science (co-chair with Debra Galba-Machuca)
Jones Allen Cascade Professional Music
Kelsay Dennese Cascade EMS
Kim Jin Cascade Medical Assisting
Lindsey Ed Cascade Fire Protection Program
Marciniak Michael Cascade Math (co-chair with Virginia Somes)
Mead Tanya Cascade Education
Millard Dominique Cascade ESOL
Miller-Tatro Pam Cascade Career Guidance & College Success
Moore Ken Cascade Criminal Justice (co-chair with Jim Parks)
Parks Jim Cascade Criminal Justice (co-chair with Ken Moore)
Query Levi Cascade PE, Dance
Reardon Verna Cascade Computer Application Systems
Rochelle Shari Cascade HE
Sacramento Ana Cascade Medical Lab Technology
Semura Patricia Cascade Speech Communication Studies
Schneider-Anthony Monica Cascade HST, HUM, PHL, R, WS
Somes Virginia Cascade MTH (co-chair with Michael Marciniak)
Jesse Troy Cascade Biological Science
Wenning Ann Cascade Health Information Management (HIM)
Willebrand Richard Cascade Fac Maint, Electrical Trades & Apprenticeship
Wilson Melody Cascade ENG, WR (115 and above)
Zable Tony Cascade PHY, G/GS, ESR
Altree Larry Rock Creek Aviation Science
Apotheker Alison Rock Creek Composition & Literature (co-chair with Melissa Manolas)
Backes Gabriele Rock Creek Chemistry
Baird Shannon Rock Creek BCT (co-chair with Kirk Garrison)
Barnes Terri Rock Creek Anth, Economics, HS & Political Science
Barrett Sarah Rock Creek ESOL
Bellinger Richey Rock Creek ART, GD
Dunnington Russ Rock Creek Diesel Technology
Earley Jim Rock Creek College Success and Career Guidance
Edwards Chris Rock Creek Philosophy, Religious Studies, Humanities, Library and Chicano-Latino Studies
Eid Marlene Rock Creek GEO, PSY, SOC, WS
Fellman Laura Rock Creek General Science/Geology/Physics
Garrison Kirk Rock Creek BCT (co-chair with Shannon Baird)
Judy Scott Rock Creek Welding
Kaplan Joyce Rock Creek Biology & Management of Zoo Animals (BMZA)
Kessinger Pam Rock Creek Library
Kirchner Eric Rock Creek Microelectronics (MT)
Kissick Jerry Rock Creek Math (co-chair with Henry Mesa)
Krohn Brad Rock Creek Vet-tech
Lien Kevin Rock Creek Bio/ESR
Love Theresa Rock Creek Developmental Ed
Manolas Melissa Rock Creek Composition & Literature (co-chair with Alison Apotheker)
McCoy Patty Rock Creek ABE/GED
Meagher Michael Rock Creek HE, FN
Mesa Henry Rock Creek Math (co-chair with Jerry Kissick)
Morales Walter Rock Creek Computer Science
Palmer Jason Rock Creek Music, Theater Arts and Dance
Peden Kelly Rock Creek CAS/OS
Pino Josephine Rock Creek Bioscience Technology
Powell Jaimie Rock Creek Biological Sciences
Pryor Marshall Rock Creek Aviation Maintenance
Ramanujam Usha Rock Creek BA
Rivas Ish Rock Creek ThinkBig
Sandrock David Rock Creek Landscape Technology
Snook Geoff Rock Creek Auto Collision Repair
Spaziani Marc Rock Creek PE
Yorba Stephanie Rock Creek World Languages (ASL, FR, JPN, GER, SPA)
Casto Kathy Southeast Writing, Reading, English & Humanities)
Davis Angelina Southeast CG
Funk Matthew Southeast Math
Hagen Mark Southeast Computer-Aided Design & Drafting
Horani Laura Southeast ESOL
Kaufman Barbara Southeast CAS
Leonard-Floyd Katie Southeast Aviation
McNerthney Alexie Southeast Science, Health and PE
Pursell Juliet Southeast ABE/GED
Robinson Rebecca Southeast MSD/BA
Schramm Sandy Southeast Occupational Skills Training
Truman Glen Southeast CADD
Abushakrah Jan Sylvania Gerontology
Bailey Joe Sylvania Machine Manufacturing Technology
Beach Josette Sylvania Director, Dental Department
Bedient Sonya Sylvania College Success & Career Guidance (CG)
Cutsforth Cece Sylvania Graphic Design
Dougherty Dan Sylvania Computer Information Systems (co-chair with Frank Roberts)
Dundorf Christyn Sylvania Early Ed & Family Studies
Estrella Jeremy Sylvania Communication Studies, Journalism, Theater Arts
Fergusson-Kolmes Linda Sylvania Life Sciences, BI, ESR, HE (co-chair with Marilyn Thomas)
Friedle Christina Sylvania Geography & Geographic Information Systems
Gerstner Greg Sylvania Civil/Mechanical Engineering Technology
Guevara Heather Sylvania PS, EC SOC
Henning Martha Sylvania Writing
Jacobsen David Sylvania College Success Skills
Jones Doug Sylvania Computer Science
Jones Russ Sylvania Automotive Service Technology
Kies Michael Sylvania Engineering
LeMieux Darcie Sylvania Sign Language Studies & Interpretation
Lively Ronda Sylvania Math (co-chair with Steve Simonds)
Maazouz Patty Sylvania Physical Science (CH, G, GS, PHY)
Mery John Sylvania Music & Dance
Metcalf Elizabeth Sylvania Architectural Drafting (co-chair with Denise Roy)
Nelson Tara Sylvania Civil/Mechanical Engineering Technology
O'Connor Moe Sylvania PE/Fitness Technology
Roberts Frank Sylvania Computer Information Systems (co-chair with Dan Dougherty)
Ross Ron Sylvania Literature
Schneider Art Sylvania CAS/OS
Seder Phil Sylvania BA
Shaw John Sylvania Anthropology, History, Women Studies
Sherer Peggy Sylvania Nursing
Shmakov Kristine Sylvania World Languages:  FR, GER, JP, RUS, SPA
Simonds Steve Sylvania Math (co-chair with Ronda Lively)
Weber Christine Sylvania Art
Sparks John Sylvania ESOL
Stromholt Kitty Sylvania Philosophy, Psychology
Thomas Marilyn Sylvania Life Sciences: BI, ESR, HE (co-chair with Linda Fergusson-Kolmes)
Tompkins Kristi Sylvania German
Urbina Joe Sylvania Adult Basic Skills & GED
Vanderford Virginia Sylvania Director, Medical Imaging/Radiography
Vincent Brad Sylvania Real Estate
Whitney-Bradley Stephanie Sylvania French
Williams Sanda Sylvania Electronic Engineering Technology
Yamaguchi Takako Sylvania Japanese
Chambers Virginia Willow Creek Center Medical Assisting