Academic Excellence

PCC's mission is to "advance the region's long-term vitality by delivering accessible, quality education to support the academic, professional, and personal development of the diverse students and communities we serve." To achieve that goal, we work to foster excellence in both teaching and learning. PCC is committed to the highest quality education possible - no matter where you enroll or how many classes you take.

Excellence starts with our faculty. The college conducts nationwide searches for its instructors, and sponsors a five-day, new faculty institute where new faculty members are paired with veterans who serve as mentors throughout the year. PCC strives to hire instructors with "hands-on" experience for technical and professional programs, and offers teaching workshops to help instructors improve their skills. And our innovative "Teaching and Learning Centers" are a valued resource to our faculty.

Excellence in learning is the top priority at each PCC campus. The college wants each student to have the same top-quality learning experience at every location and in every subject area. Each campus has a comprehensive array of services to promote student success, from new student orientation to job placement after graduation. Instructors and counselors are here to provide individualized attention and promote an environment that encourages the expression of original ideas and creativity.

One way PCC gauges student success is in progress reports from students who have gone on to other institutions of higher learning. Statistics show that PCC students who transfer to schools in the Oregon University System perform as well as or better than students who started there as freshmen.