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Purchasing Solicitations

List of current contract opportunities

For contracting opportunities, below is a list of "active" or available project(s) for review. It includes bond and non-bond projects. Response to these competitive solicitations must be sealed and submitted according to the terms and conditions specified in the solicitation documents.

The master printed copy of the solicitation document shall be considered the original. Any changes, whether orally or in writing, made by others (college staff, consultants, etc.) will have no effect upon the specifications unless fully noted and issued as an addendum to the specific project. Vendors who are not equipped to download documents may request a paper copy by contacting the Buyer referenced on the solicitation document.

Vendors, registered for specific solicitation(s), must regularly check this site for updated information before submitting response. The recipient of any downloaded documents takes full responsibility for checking on any subsequent addenda. It is the proposers/bidders' responsibility to continually check this site for issued addenda.

Bond Program:

In November 2008, Portland Community College District voters approved the largest capital bond measure in the state. This historic approval allows PCC to engage in comprehensive planning, design, engineering and construction contracting over a multi-year period of time in the amount of $374 million dollars. The bond initiatives will support college growth through new construction, facility improvements i.e., remodels, and additions to enhance educational capabilities throughout the district. The bond program purchasing team looks forward to being a part of this exciting process and ensuring the successful procurement of bond program goods and services.

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Active List

Type Solicitation Title Close Date Summary Document Addenda Planholder List
RFP Facilities Management Services Construction Project Management Services 7/5/2017 11am Summary Download   Planholders
ITB Rock Creek Campus Arc Fault Corrections Services 6/28/2017 2pm Summary Download Addenda #1

Closed List

Type Solicitation Title Close Date Summary Results
RFP Commercial Property Management Services 6/2/2017 11am Summary Planholders
ITB Boiler Replacement for Rock Creek Campus 5/31/2017 2pm Summary Planholders
RFP Cancelled - Property Management Services REVISED
5/4/2017 10am
Summary Planholders
ITB Parking Lot Maintenance 5/1/2017 2pm Summary Award
ITB Sylvania Campus - Bookstore Remodel 4/19/2017 2pm Summary Award
RFP Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Pricing 4/11/2017 10am Summary Planholders
RFI This RFI has been Cancelled - Opportunity to Lease Rock Creek Campus College-owned Childcare Facility REVISED
3/31/2017 10am
Summary Planholders
RFP Laundry Services 11/16/2016 10am Summary Planholders
RFI Distributed Antenna Systems / Canceled - non responsive 11/3/2016 11am Summary Planholders
RFP Laundry Services-CANCELLED, due to lack of compliant competition. 7/26/2016 10am Summary Planholders
  College-wide Facilities Master Plan: Phase 1 6/22/2016 10am Summary Planholders
RFP Advertising Planning and Buying Services REVISED
5/31/2016 1pm
Summary Planholders
RFP Rock Creek Campus Public Art Acquisition for Building 5 4/1/2016 2pm   Planholders
RFP Sylvania Campus ARC Fault Corrections Services 1/13/2016 10am Summary Planholders
RFP Specialty Contractor Services for district-wide electronic security project REVISED
11/5/2015 2pm
Summary Planholders
RFQ Executive Search Services 10/7/2015 3pm   Planholders
RFP Southeast Campus Public Art for Outdoor Quad Area REVISED
9/15/2015 11am
RFP College Registration System 7/2/2015 10am Summary Planholders
RFI Potential property in Columbia County to build an Educational Center 6/12/2015 11am Summary Planholders
RFI Potential property in Columbia County to build an Educational Center 5/29/2015 11am Summary Planholders
RFP Laundry Services 5/26/2015 10am Summary Planholders
RFP Systems Furniture Installation and De-installation Services REVISED
4/16/2015 11am
Summary Planholders
RFP Third Party Administrator: Workers 4/9/2015 1pm Summary Planholders
RFP Electrical Maintenance and Low Voltage Services April 8, 2015 2pm Summary Award
RFP Telephone Maintenance 4/8/2015 10am Summary Award
3/18/2015 2pm
Summary Award
RFI Opportunity to Lease College-owned Childcare Facility 2/26/2015 11am   Planholders
RFP General Construction Services (See updated Summary 1/12/15) 2/12/2015 2pm Summary Award
RFP Banking Services REVISED
2/4/2015 2pm
Summary Planholders
RFQ Professional Services to prepare an IT Disaster Recovery Plan 1/26/2015 11am   Planholders
RFP Cascade Campus Art Acquisitions 11/14/2014 11am Summary Planholders
RFP Southeast Campus Art Acquisitions REVISED
10/8/2014 11am
Summary Planholders
ITB Fire Alarm Systems: Service, Repair, and Remodeling September 2, 2014 2pm Summary Award
ITB Printing, Binding, and Mailing for the Portland Community College Communities Magazine 6/16/2014 10am Summary Planholders
ITB Classroom Technology Podium Installation 6/10/2014 11am Summary Planholders
ITB Maintenance & Repair of Emergency Power Supply Systems May 29, 2014 2pm Summary Award
ITB Waste Hauling, Refuse & Recycling 4/23/2014 11am Award
RFP Auditing Services 2/28/2014 10am Summary Planholders
RFP Rock Creek Campus Art Acquisition 11/5/2013 11am Summary Planholders
RFQ Non-Water Based Extinguisher Service and Inspection Work 7/25/2013 2pm Summary Award
ITB Interactive Video Classrooms upgrade 6/10/2013 11am Summary Award
RFP Metropolitan Area Network Connectivity, Local Exchange, Carrier Services, and Internet Connectivity & Service 6/6/2013 2pm Summary Planholders
ITB Sprinkler Systems and Related Devices - Maintenance Service and Repairs REVISED
May 1, 2013 2pm
Summary Award
RFP Hazardous Materials Testing Services 4/15/2013 2pm Summary Award
RFP General Contractor Services for Swan Island Trade Center Renovation 3/21/2013 2pm Summary Award
ITB HVAC Control Replacement March 7, 2013 2pm Summary Award
ITB Maintenance of Honeywell Energy Management System (EMS) March 6, 2013 3pm Summary Award
ITB Maintenance of Distech Energy Management System (EMS) March 6, 2013 2pm Summary Award
RFP Banking Services - CANCELLED 2/15/2013 3pm Summary Planholders
ITB Maintenance and Repair of Emergency Power Supply Systems - CANCELLED 11/14/2012 3pm Summary Planholders
RFP Owner Project Assistance 7/27/2012 2pm Summary Award
RFP Wafyinding Signage Master Program 3/30/2012 11am Summary Award
RFP Retail Development Advisory and Management Services REVISED
3/22/2012 11am
Summary Award
RFP Construction Manager/General Contractor for PCC Cascade Campus. (Change: Mandatory pre-proposal meeting will be in MAHB 104) REVISED
2/9/2012 2pm
Summary Award
RFP Construction Manager/General Contractor for Southeast Center 1/6/2012 2pm Summary Planholders
RFP College 50th Anniversary Unity Art Project 11/17/2011 2pm Summary Award
RFP Construction Manager/General Contractor for Rock Creek Campus 11/14/2011 2pm Summary Award
ITB Classroom Technology Podium Installation 10/25/2011 11am Summary Planholders
RFP E-Commerce 10/20/2011 1pm Summary Planholders
RFP Parking Lot Maintenance 9/21/2011 1pm Summary Planholders
RFP Solar Ground Mount Photovoltaic Energy Facility 9/15/2011 11am Summary Award
RFP Architectural/Engineering Services Requirements Contract 8/18/2011 11am Summary Award
ITB Cascade Campus Jackson Hall Building 1st Floor Restroom Remodel 7/21/2011 2pm Summary Award
  Notice of Public Hearing Ad (See Summary) 7/12/2011 4pm Summary Planholders
RFP Property Owner/Tenant Relocation Assistance Services 6/30/2011 11am Summary Award
ITB Communications Infrastructure for Cabling Services 6/21/2011 1pm Summary Planholders
RFP Hazardous Waste Services 6/9/2011 1pm Summary Planholders
RFP Environmental Services 6/9/2011 1pm Summary Planholders
RFP Flight Instruction Program 5/13/2011 1pm Summary Planholders
RFP Annual Charitable Giving Opportunities 5/5/2011 1pm Summary Planholders
RFP Advertising Planning and Buying Services 4/13/2011 1pm Summary Planholders
ITB Boiler Maintenance Services (Re-Issued) 3/24/2011 2pm Summary Award
RFQ Electrical Services for Uninterruptable Power Supply installation at Rock Creek Campus - CANCELLED REVISED
3/21/2011 11am
Summary Planholders
RFQ Team Apparel - Uniform Shirts 2/22/2011 2pm Summary Award
RFP Recovery & Continuity of Operations Plan for Academic & Student Services February 8, 2011 2pm Summary Planholders
RFP Agent of Record for Property and Liability Insurance / PLEASE NOTE: The due date has changed from Friday, February 4, 2011 to Tuesday, February 8, 2011 REVISED
2/8/2011 1pm
Summary Planholders
RFP PCC Refund Program - REJECT all proposals 2/4/2011 1pm Summary Summary #2 Planholders
ITB Plumbing Services 12/1/2010 3pm Summary Award
ITB Boiler Maintenance Services (ALL BIDS REJECTED) 12/1/2010 2pm Summary Planholders
ITB HVAC Services 11/30/2010 2pm Summary Award
ITB Check Point Network Routing and Firewall Equipment 11/23/2010 2pm   Award
RFP Transportation Demand and Parking Management Consultant 11/23/2010 11am Summary Award
RFP Land Surveying Services 11/16/2010 2pm Summary Planholders
RFP Request for Proposal for Geotechnical Services 11/2/2010 11am   Award